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Welltone Luxury Residence là khu phức hợp gồm căn hộ cao cấp, Trung tâm thương mại và giải trí đỉnh cao tại giao lộ thịnh vượng của thành phố Nha Trang.

Welltone Luxury Residence create a civilized community next to Nha Trang Bay


Becoming the owner of the luxury apartment Welltone Luxury Residence on Nha Trang Bay, residents not only own a living space worthy of their class, but also have the opportunity to connect with successful and civilized neighbors.

The trend of settling down in the well-mannered community

With abundant financial resources, upper-class customers often make high demands in choosing a place to live. Accordingly, the value of a real estate project is made up of many factors, besides tangible benefits such as location, design, utilities, etc., are intangible and more sustainable benefits – community of successful people of the same “level”.

Chuẩn mực an cư hiện đại không chỉ là nơi ở đơn thuần mà còn là nơi kết nối cộng đồng có cùng "đẳng cấp"

Chuẩn mực an cư hiện đại không chỉ là nơi ở đơn thuần mà còn là nơi kết nối cộng đồng có cùng “đẳng cấp”

In fact, when living standards are increasingly improved, if the fresh green living environment brings a sense of pleasure and comfort, the civilized community is the factor that makes people proud. At the same time, it expressed our desire to create a good future for ourselves and the younger generations.

In developed countries around the world, elite communities have been formed, which are the places of successful people with similarities in status, income level, aesthetic taste and qualifications. Typically, the rich area like The Peak on Victoria Bay, Sham Shui Bay of Hong Kong (Hong Kong); Gangnam – south of the Han River (Seoul); Brentwood Country Estates (Santa Monica Mountains), etc.

Currently, choosing neighbors with similar lifestyles has become the development orientation of real estate projects around the world. Catching up with the trend, many real estate developers in Vietnam have spent a lot of time researching and creating elite residential communities in major cities across the country.

Welltone Luxury Residence creates new values ​​for life

Creating a well-mannered and modern residential community – The perfect destination for upper-class customers is the value that was soon shaped by the Danh Khoi Group at the luxury apartment project Welltone Luxury Residence.

Welltone Luxury Residence được kỳ vọng trở thành biểu tượng mới bên vịnh Nha Trang

Welltone Luxury Residence được kỳ vọng trở thành biểu tượng mới bên vịnh Nha Trang

The design of the overall project, the modern apartment design style, the ecosystem of 30+ internal utilities, the security system, etc. are all focused to give residents the opportunity to enjoy the best living values, increasing the connection between people with similar lifestyles to create a sustainable community.

Mr. Tran Huu Duc – a successful businessman who is interested in Welltone Luxury Residence apartment shared: “After a long journey to conquer life, my wife and I always yearn to return to a peaceful home – a place to keep precious spiritual values ​​and wonderful moments with family. Welltone Luxury Residence will be the place to give me these things. Here, I will be able to expand my opportunities to work collaboratively, exchange effective parenting methods with neighbors who are successful people coming from similar background.”

Sảnh đón sang trọng - nơi kết nối những người hàng xóm thành đạt

Sảnh đón sang trọng – nơi kết nối những người hàng xóm thành đạt

At the project, the investor has spent a lot of enthusiasm to create a closed enough living environment with private moments but also many convenient spaces for all residents to exchange about culture and lifestyle. In which the highlight is the green space such as the incense garden, the dew garden, the sun waterfall, 3 pools, bringing fresh air to the whole space. Along with the space for exchanging events which is rich in humanity such as community room, reception hall, 1,800m2 aerial pedestrian street, 12,000m2 shopping center, restaurant, BBQ area.

With a colorful play area and a guaranteed security system, the young residents will be able to play freely, explore and get to know more friends – an important factor in the formation and development of the child.

The opportunity to join the admirable elite community of residents by Nha Trang Bay is becoming easier than ever when the investor of Welltone Luxury Residence is about to officially introduce the most beautiful apartments of block Sol with a series of attractive preferential policies. Prominent is the policy of paying only 7% in the first installment and 25% until receiving the house, giving the insurance package “Safe investment – Protecting profits” up to 350 million VND and a policy to support leasing.

Nguồn: https://thanhnien.vn/the-aston-luxury-residence-tao-dung-cong-dong-van-minh-ben-vinh-nha-trang-post1413804.html

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