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At the time of the 2022 Tet Holidays, Nha Trang real estate market attracts great attention to investors with the appearance of many projects. Notably, luxury beach apartment projects with long-term legal ownership and attractive preferential policies become the focus. Căn hộ biển hạng sang chiếm sóng thị trường thời điểm cận Tết Nguyên Đán 2022

The attraction of luxury beach apartments

Ever since, luxury beach apartments have had great appeal to upper-class people because of their high value in resort, life enjoyment, tourism, commerce, and sustainable profitability, generating cash flow passively through transfer or lease. In the face of social upheavals, the trend of owning this apartment type in tourist cities is increasingly popular. [caption id="attachment_1408" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Căn hộ biển hạng sang tạo sức hút lớn trên thị trường bất động sản. Ảnh Tập đoàn Danh Khôi Căn hộ biển hạng sang tạo sức hút lớn trên thị trường bất động sản. Ảnh Tập đoàn Danh Khôi[/caption] Real estate experts estimate that luxury beach apartments in Vietnam are still a potential long-term investment segment. Well-invested, high-class projects, providing a multi-purpose product line to satisfy the needs of residence - resort - remote work - profitable investment will quickly rebound when the economy and tourism industry is restored. According to market research firm Statista (Germany), it is expected that in 2023 Vietnam will reach more than 15,000 millionaires. Knight Frank's Prosperity Report 2021 also shows that the number of rich and super-rich people in Vietnam will increase by over 30% in the next 5 years. This leads to the need to enjoy the life of the elite and the increasing demand for high-end real estate products. According to experts, in the context of the economy gradually recovering and remittances coming in near the time of the 2022 Tet Holidays, investment cash flows will continue to "pour" into real estate with a tendency to flow into markets that have a lot of potential, especially the type of beach apartment in Nha Trang.

Attraction from Welltone Luxury Residence project

In fact, Nha Trang's real estate market is becoming more vibrant with the appearance of the luxury beach apartment project - Welltone Luxury Residence. Devoted to the development by Danh Khoi Group, the project is expected to become a new iconic project on Nha Trang Bay, sought by high-class customers and investors across the country for ownership opportunities. [caption id="attachment_1409" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Phối cảnh dự án căn hộ Welltone Luxury Residence. Ảnh Tập đoàn Danh Khôi Phối cảnh dự án căn hộ Welltone Luxury Residence. Ảnh Tập đoàn Danh Khôi[/caption] Realizing the outstanding advantages of nature and tourism development in the coastal city of Nha Trang, Mr. Tran Viet Minh - a businessman in Hanoi decided to look for a luxury apartment located near the sea, right in the city center. He wants to own a 3rd house to serve the needs of long-term resorts, profitable investments and increase his assets. Sharing about his decision to choose Welltone Luxury Residence apartment, Mr. Viet Minh said that there are many factors that attract him. Firstly, this is a synchronously planned project, located near the sea and the river, so it has a spacious living space, along with a chain of privileged utilities such as a 1,800m-square-meter aerial pedestrian street, 12,000m2 shopping center, 3 infinity swimming pools, modern gym, etc. In addition, the project is located at the prosperous intersection of the area between Tran Phu and Xom Con streets, so the connection with quality external facilities or entertainment venues in the city center is also very quick. [caption id="attachment_1410" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Phối cảnh Sky Bar hướng nhìn trực diện vịnh Nha Trang tuyệt mỹ tại dự án. Ảnh Tập đoàn Danh Khôi Phối cảnh Sky Bar hướng nhìn trực diện vịnh Nha Trang tuyệt mỹ tại dự án. Ảnh Tập đoàn Danh Khôi[/caption] The second factor, especially the complete legal status with a long-term ownership red book, is a rare element for marine real estate. As a result, the apartments here are not only a place to live and relax, a highly profitable investment channel, but also a "treasure" to help increase assets of lifetime value. Owning an area of more than 11,000m2, the project includes 3 Sol - Sea - Sand blocks with 24-27 floors and 1,341 apartments of diverse areas. At a special event on January 9, 2022, Danh Khoi Group will introduce the most beautiful apartments in block Sol with many attractive preferential policies. Accordingly, customers only need to pay 7% in the first installment and pay 25% until they receive the house; supporting loan packages with the policy "24-month financial leverage with 3no" - no interest, no principal debt, no early fees; offering the insurance package "Safe investment - Protecting profits" worth up to 350 million VND, etc. Attending the event, customers have the opportunity to receive many valuable gifts such as iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB, Xiaomi smart vacuum cleaner robot, Humrom juicer (Korea), etc. Especially, customers who have successful transactions will immediately receive a set of high-class scented candles and have the opportunity to receive a diamond collection worth 500 million VND in the lucky draw event: "Masterpiece of the bay, matching diamonds". Nguồn: https://cafebiz.vn/can-ho-bien-hang-sang-chiem-song-thi-truong-thoi-diem-can-tet-nguyen-dan-2022-20220103160446249.chn